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Standard Bouquets
The standard table or floor bouquet is usually made from 3 or 5 balloons.
They can be made in any colour combination.
As a rule we design the table bouquets to be at least 60 cm from the table to the bottom of the first balloon so your guests still get a clear view of each other when seated.
The floor bouquets are usually 1.8 m to the top of the highest balloon.
The bouquet of 3 starts at £9.00 each and comes down to £7.50 each when you order 10 or more.
The bouquet of 5 starts at £15.00 each and comes down to £12.50 each when you order 10 or more.


Top Table

All eyes will be on the top table so make it fantastic.
This arch made from pastel coloured balloons inside clear balloons is subtle yet stunning.

 Alternative Top Table

Balloon clouds are a great way to create a classic wedding top table design.
These are 9-balloon clouds with a balloon inside a balloon for the top.
Any colour theme will work just as well, these are linked with organza to pull the design together.
The bouquets of balloons in the foreground match the top balloons of the clouds.

Top Table Combination

This top table combines the clouds and the arch to create a much bolder statement.
The bouquets in the foreground are tented to create a more solid looking group and finished with a large patterned clear latex balloon with the hot pink colour inside.

Bespoke Balloon Art

For a truly unique display you can have a design made especially for your wedding.
This top table display has entwined hearts made from 2 colours of 5" latex balloons as its centre piece, with columns at each end and finished with organza to tie it all together.

Balloon Clouds

Balloon Clouds are a very popular choice for the wedding venue although they look great for any occasion.
They can be constructed from any colour combination to suit your theme.
A single cloud looks great, but they really come into their own when grouped in 3's or 5's with organza

Also available are the Gumball balloons and Confetti Balloons, and dont forget to check out the range of colours.
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