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18" Foil Balloons

The standard 18" balloons can be made into a bouquet from £10.00 each with extra latex or foil balloons in a colour of your choosing..

Supershape Balloons

The larger balloons (Supershape Balloons) are £10.00 each and are usually supplied on their own but can be supplied as a bouquet if required.

This is a variation on thank you, the "Cheers beer mug".

Bubble Balloons, Cubez, Diamondz and Orbz

These great balloons are fantastic on their own or in a bouquet, Bubble balloons are more spherical than foil balloons and last much, much longer, Orbz are completely spherical.
These are supplied helium filled with string and weight for £6.00 each or in a bouquet with latex balloons for an extra £2.00 per balloon.

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