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Individual latex balloons

Individual Latex Balloons

Individual latex balloons come in a variety of sizes from 5" (125mm) to 8ft (2.4m) in standard balloon shape. Balloons between 5" and 2ft appear pear shaped, 30" and over are spherical.

5" balloons are not suitable for filling with helium (they only float for a very short while and not at all with string attached).

The most common size of balloon is the 11" (275mm), we only inflate these to 10" on most displays, this gives them a better resistance to popping, an 11" balloon filled to 10" will stay afloat when helium filled for approximately 12 - 18 hours. 

These are usually supplied helium filled with a ribbon in a colour of your choosing and a weight, individual balloons are supplied on a plastic weight, groups (bouquets) are supplied on a fluffy weight. (please click for more information on weights). There is a vast range of colours available please see the colour chart for more information.
Prices for the 11" start at £2.50 per balloon including helium string and weight.

The next standard size is the 16" (400mm) these will stay afloat for quite a bit longer and are always supplied with the larger fluffy weight, prices for these start at £4.25 each.

Next is the 18" (450mm) again they will float for longer and are supplied with a fluffy weight, these start at £8.25 each.

A very popular size is the 24" (600mm), these are commonly seen at weddings, and are also used in confetti balloons, they can be supplied with standard ribbon or with tails (made from lengths of coloured foil, tissue designs, special characters etc), prices for these start at £17.50 each, for more information please click on 24" Latex Balloons

The 36" (800mm) is used for gumball and exploding balloons and sometimes as column toppers, these start at £35.00 each when helium filled, for more information please click on 36" Latex Balloons

The larger sizes 48" (1200mm), 5ft (1500mm), and 8ft (2400mm), are made from chloroprene, please contact us for further details and prices.

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