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Gumball and Exploding Balloons

Gumball Balloons

Gumball balloons are large latex balloons (usually 18" or bigger) filled with smaller balloons, confetti, feathers etc.
The most common gumball is the 3ft (90 cm), this can hold 50 5" balloons with ease.
They can be air filled and hung on a mono-filament line, or made into a column topper, or can be helium filled to float.
Below are some of the possibilities, but you can let your imagination run free with this one.
Prices start at £40.00 per balloon and are dependent on your requirements, please contact us for more information

Exploding balloons

The exploding balloon is usually a gumball balloon with a device for bursting the balloon, we use a small detonator triggered by an electrical charge.
The last picture above shows a detonated gumball balloon raining down its contents on the bride and groom.
Prices start from £70.00 and include installation.
Please note that the ceiling needs to be at least 12ft high for these to work properly.

Gumball Columns

The gumball column is as it states a gumball on a column,
you can choose any design of gumball and have it on top of and column, the ones shown are the standard plain column but you can use it on any column as a topper.
Prices start from £50.00. please contact us for further information
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