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Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal

Big Gender Reveal Balloon

This is the big gender reveal balloon, its a 3 ft black latex balloon with white question marks around it, helium inflated to 2.5 ft.
Inside we put 5" balloons and / or confetti in the colour of your choice (usually pink or blue).
You pop the balloon at your reveal party and your guests will then know if its a boy or a girl.

The basic balloon, helium filled on string and weight with balloons and confetti inside ready to go is £40.00, you can go all out and have this as an exploding balloon with detonator and trigger box for £70.00.

When using the detonator system we come to the venue and set the balloon up so all you have to do is wait for the appropriate moment and push the button.

(The trigger box is supplied on a loan basis and remains the property of Balloons of Brighton Ltd).

This foil balloon is perfect for expectant parents who don't know the sex yet.
18 inches in diameter and made by Qualatex.

Supplied helium inflated with string and weight.
£5.00 each
A great way to finish off a baby shower's decorations, this 18 inch foil gender reveal balloon is sure to keep guests guessing. The pink and blue balloon says 'Girl or Boy?' .
Supplied helium inflated with string and weight.
£5.00 each
An 18 inch square foil balloon is perfect to give as a gift, or even for sending out in a box! This balloon has text saying 'Boy or Girl?', surrounded by baby-type icons.
Supplied helium inflated with string and weight.
£5.00 each
This 28 inch balloon is shaped as a question mark, with one side blue and one side pink.Supplied helium inflated with string and weight.
£12.50 each
These balloons make for a great baby shower decoration, for parents who want their baby's gender to be a surprise. Each balloon features the message 'He? Or She?' in blue and pink letters.
Supplied helium inflated as a bouquet of 3 for £9.00.
These pink and blue 12 inch gender reveal latex balloons are perfect to put around a baby shower venue to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. The balloons say 'Girl or Boy?' and will put guests in suspense. Supplied helium inflated as a bouquet of 3 for £9.00.

This 24 inch Deco Bubble balloon features tiny footprints all around, and will be perfect for any baby-themed event. The balloon is clear and so will be perfect for putting another latex balloon inside in the colour of your choice! 

Supplied helium filled with another balloon inside in the colour of your choice , with string and weight, £12.50.

Can also be supplied on its own or with stuffing or a different type, please contact us for more information
Gender reveal party tableware
This great range of disposable tableware will save lots of time and effort when it comes to clearing up.
These cute blue and pink gender reveal square paper plates are a great addition to a baby shower and will finish off the table settings perfectly. 

£2.50 per pack of 8
A staple tableware piece, these pink and blue gender reveal paper cups are sure to get guests excited at a baby shower. The cute design says 'Boy or Girl?' and the cups can hold 9 oz. of liquid.
£2.50 per pack of 8
Ideal for a baby shower which reveals a baby's gender, this pack of 20 paper napkins will finish off the table settings perfectly. The fun pink and blue design says 'Boy or Girl?'

£2.50 per pack of 20
This plastic table cover with a gender reveal design is a great way to decorate a table at a baby shower. The blue and pink table cover says 'Boy or Girl?' Supplied individually the table cover measures 54" x 84".
£2.95 each
This triple pack of confetti is great for baby showers, and includes three different designs. This confetti includes a range of different shapes including stars, hearts, dots, question marks and 'boy or girl' signs. 
£2.95 per pack
A lovely way to decorate a baby shower, this 3.65m gender reveal foil banner can be hung across a wall to finish off a venue's decoration. The pink and blue banner says 'Boy or Girl?'
£1.50 each
This baby bump game is sure to be popular for baby showers. It includes a measuring tape which says 'How Big is the Baby Bump' the aim of the game is to guess the size.

£2.95 each
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