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Balloon Weights

Balloon Weights
Foil "Fluffy" Weights
Available in 16 different colours these come as standard with all bouquets and supershape balloons.
Colours in order are :- Gold, Black, Lavender, Irredescent, Green, White, Red, Magenta, Lime Green, Light Blue, Yellow, Silver, Royal Blue, Purple, Pink, and Orange.
If you want to purchase these without balloons they are £1.00 each
Box Weight

These can be supplied with or without a weight inside, with a weight they are used as a standard weight.
Without a weight inside they can be used as gift box, ready for you to fill with sweets, presents etc for your guests.
They measure 65mm x 65mm x 65mm.
Costing just 50p each they are a great buy.
Small Weights

These are made to be used on individual latex or foil balloons, Supershapes should be put on larger weights. These are just 20p each/
Bangle Weights
as the name suggests can be worn around the wrist, they come in a range of colours and will easily hold down a single latex or std foil balloon.
30p each
Sweet Jar Weights

 These are supplied with a screw on lid and can be filled with anything you want, usually sweets (NOT included)
£1.95 each
Double Heart Weights

Heart weights are perfect for decorating your venue for a wedding, anniversary or on Valentine's Day. £1.95 each
Star Weights

 Star weights are a great way to add some glamour to your balloon decorations. Weighing in at 170g they will hold down a number of helium filled latex balloons and there is a wide choice of colours to choose from. All available to purchase individually at £1.95 each.

Novelty Weights

Available in many different designs to suit your event, there are just a few shown here, please contact us for your requirements
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