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Balloon Clouds

Balloon Clouds

9 Balloon cloud

The standard balloon cloud, or cloud 9 is made from 9 helium filled latex balloons as shown to the left, the display is held down on a mono-filament line so it appears to be floating.
A standard cloud of 9 balloons is £35.00 and can be supplied in any colour combination.

Group of 3 balloon clouds

This arrangement is commonly used for the top table at weddings.
The organza linked between ties the display together.
Colours can be chosen to suit your theme, and the top balloons can be more elaborate.
Prices start at £90.00 per set of 3.

Group of 5 balloon clouds

There is no limit to how many balloon clouds you can group together.
Here they are shown with the top balloon in each as a balloon inside a balloon (Double stuffed).
A group of 5 starts at £150.00.

Centred balloon clouds

The clouds can be used from the centre of a room or dance floor and radiate out from there.
These start at £150.00.
Balloon Clouds can be made in any combination of colours to suit your theme
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