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The Single balloon arch

This arch is the simplest form of arch, a single strand of helium filled balloons suspended on a mono-filament line.
The size and colour of the balloons can be altered to suit any venue, and the arch has no upper limit to its size.
The one to the left is £35.00
The one to the right is £30.00

The arch to the left is a 20 balloon single strand arch in pastel pink, pastel lilac, and pastel blue.

This was £40.00 delivered and set up.

The Quad arch

This type of arch is made from air filled balloons tied into 4's (quads) and supported on a frame.
The only upper limit to the size you can create is the rigidity of the frame. Smaller arches will use smaller balloons to allow for the curve.
The Green and Yellow  arch to the right uses approximately 170 balloons.
The Pop Corn Box Arch

 This arch as the name suggests is constructed coming out of giant pop corn boxes.
The boxes are approximately 60 cm wide at the top tapering down to 50 cm at the base, and stand 1.2 m tall, the arch can be made in any size from 1.8 m wide (internal size) up to 4 m wide (internal size). The height can also be adjusted to the same dimensions as the width.

Prices start at £150.00 delivered and installed.

The arch frame and boxes remain the property of Balloons of Brighton and will be collected after the event.
This rainbow arch for the British Airways i360 is made from 5 colours of balloons in a spiral on a base of white clouds.

To The Right
Red White & Blue quad arch at the 1360 in Brighton to celebrate their one year anniversary.
This one was constructed for Brighton College at their Rio party, It was made to fit one of the arches at the Grand Hotel Brighton
This arch spans 35ft and was constructed at The Brighton Centre for the World Irish Dance Organisation.
This display used approximately 250 Balloons.

A rough guide to prices is given at the bottom of the page

Black and Gold quad air filled arch, approximately 10ft x 10ft external dimensions.
This one was for the BA i360 christmas party at the Grand Brighton.
Black & Yellow quad air filled arch approximately 8ft tall and 12ft wide external dimensions.
This was to celebrate Streets Cafe's 40th anniversary at the Brighton Open Market
A flower / 70's themed quad arch

 This one was on the back of a boat at Brighton Marina.
Flower arch

The standard arch can be decorated with many types of embellishments.
The arch to the left has large flowers and twirly stems
The very popular Quad Spiral Arch

A quad air filled arch for the Sportsman Withdean to celebrate their re-opening.
The arch has an internal size of approximately 8ft x 8ft (2.4m x 2.4m)
Colours are Pearl Teal and Silver
All Black Quad Arch

A large quad arch in black at Debenhams Brighton for the launch of the new Kat Von D Beauty range of Vegan make-up.
This arch spans 35ft and is 12ft high
Standard Quad Arch

Air filled quad arch in midnight blue, pearl teal and white
at Alfresco's Brighton.

The Tunnel

When placed together arches can be made in to a tunnel, with striking affect.
This can be done with the single balloon arch or the quad, as shown here.

A Rough Guide To Prices

Single strand balloon arches

Helium filled. £2.00 per balloon, approximately 3 balloons per 60cm length.
Helium filled balloons will only stay floating for 12 to 18 hours depending on conditions.
Due to the fact that they are affected by weather (wind, rain and high temperatures) we do not recomend them for outside events.

Standard air filled quad arch
Internal Size
6ft (1.8m) x 3ft (0.9m)
6ft (1.8m) x 6ft (1.8m)
7ft (2.1m) x 7ft (2.1m)
8ft (2.4m) x 8ft (2.4m)
9ft (2.7m) x 9ft (2.7m)
10ft (3m) x 10ft (3m)

External Size
7.5ft (2.25m) x 6ft (1.8m)
7.5ft (2.25m) x 9ft (2.7m)
8.5ft (2.55m) x 10ft (3m)
9.5ft (2.85m) x 11ft (3.3m)
10.5ft (3.15m) x 12ft (3.6m)
11.5ft (3.45m) x 13ft (3.9m)


All air filled quad arches are made on site so we can make sure they fit the required location, they take between 1 and 2 hours to construct.
They are supplied on an arch frame which remains the property of Balloons of Brighton Ltd, the frame is supplied on a loan basis and it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure it is kept safe until it is collected by our staff at the end of your event (times to be arranged). Loss or damage of the frame is chargeable at the replacement value of the frame, (between £100 and £350 depending on the frame size).
Please contact us with your exact requirements and we will be happy to quote you.

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