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Numbers & Letters

Numbers and Letters

 The numbers and letters come in 2 main sizes the smaller 16" and the larger 34" (40" in some cases).

The 16" are air fill only and do not float, they are available in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Blue, & Magenta in both letters and numbers. They can be supplied flat (as packaged)  at £2.50 each or air filled for £4.00 each.
We can also supply them on a nylon line ready to hang, but this has to be done on site and there is a minimum charge of £20.00 for the service.

The 16" are also available as script, a range of popular words in one balloon as shown at the bottom of this page, they vary in price depending on the length of the word, these can also be supplied flat packed (uninflated), or air filled on a mono filament line. (More words being added all the time).

The 34" Numbers can be air or helium filled and are available in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, Black, Purple, Magenta, Chevrons, and Zooloons. These are £12.50 each including helium string and weight.
If you required them uninflated they are £7.95 each.

The pictures below show the various designs and colours available. Colours vary and the pictures are only to be used as a guide, if you require a specific colour please contact us for a sample.
Script Balloons

 Script balloons spell out a word in one balloon, no need for awkward spacing between the letters, they are £5.95 each when supplied flat packed (uninflated) and are supplied with a straw for easy inflation by mouth.
They can also be supplied ready inflated and attached to a mono filament line (fishing line) ready to hang for £8.95 each.
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